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Journals of a Veteran Rebel

This is a rebellion, isn't it?

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Birthdate:Apr 24
Location:Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
Mostly a mental playground for my Star Wars Rebel Alliance/Resistance Original Character, Mischa Margolin to run and play in.

Interests (50):

aach, alderaanian princess/general shero worship, annoying the brass, apartments on hosnian prime, bad but hot tie pilots, better to ask forgiveness, blaster goes pew!, broken in flight jackets, calling poe kid, childhood friends, customized helmets, customized speeder bikes, dark haired flyboys, drunken squadron parties, endor veterans association, everything corellian!, flying, freighter family 4 life, garm bel iblis is an absentee father, gffa, growing up alliance, grumpy corellian freighter dads, grumpy corellian senator-in-exile dads, little squadron mascots, many shiny medals, missing home, moral ambiguity in the name of the rebellion, mynock squadron, never forgotten mothers, neverending cag paperwork, old reliable smuggling ships, orange flightsuits, pilots, pretty blue chiss flyboys, rebellion, rogue one mtfbwy, rogue squadron, shara bey shero worship, squadron sisters, star wars, stolen kisses, the black, the resistance, top secret missions, traveling the galaxy, understanding commanders, uptight new republic commanders, wes janson, wings, x-wings

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